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​​Our academy is dedicate to provide players development and discipline, respect for your kids and everyone involved.  ​

​​Maryland International 
Has a strong development program and is dedicated to winning and mentally prepare our kids for a better future not just in soccer, for a better life as well.  

Our Academy is for boys & girls ages five and up.  We practice all year round providing players development and discipline. 

Our program has made it possible for 6 players to join DC United Academy.  Winning EDP Division One U12, Spring and Fall 2016.  Almost the entire team was recruited by bigger clubs.

​ Academia - Fútbol - Disciplina
Manejo de Balón
Mejorar la Flexibilidad y la Intensidad
Separar los niño(as) de acuerdo a su capacidad y su edad.
Mejorar la Abilidad de tomar Decisiones  
Táctica con estrategias, gran parte durantes los partidos.  

ACADEMY - GOALS Improve feet coordination and to have a better vision through exercises.

Dribble Each session will include basics dribbling, more to those who require additional training.

Improve Flexibility and Intensity Doing specific sessions according to their skills for a better development.    Improve the Ability to make Decisions Tactics with strategies, great for the games